Development of a guide one air speed calibration solid anemometers

Project Description

A guide for the calibration of anemometers will be written.
Inside the EURAMET TC Flow Group "Fluid speed" the traceability has been solved by an intercomparison using Laser Doppler Anemometer as a transfer standard. In practice transfer standards are solid air speed sensors (anemometers) of different kinds, which cause significant additional uncertainty aspects.
The guide will describe the way to ensure traceability by using solid anemometers. A first version will concentrate on pitot tubes (for higher speeds), a second one on special thermal sensors for very low air speeds. Furthermore the guide should be expanded to all kinds of solid anemometers.

Final Report 2018-05-17

The Guide No. 24 "Guidelines on the Calibration of Solid Anemometers" was completed and approved by TC-Flow; it has now been transferred to the EURAMET Secretariat for final approval and publication.

See overview Calibration Guidelines