Determination of Elements in River Water

Project Description

In the framework of  "Matrix reference materials for environmental analysis" (ENVCRM) an inter-comparison study between the partners is organised in order to characterise the produced candidate reference material for river water. The partners will carry out measurements in order to characterise the analytes of interest: Pb, Cd, Ni and As as mandatory elements, and Se as an option. The overall target expanded uncertainties for the certified values are in the range of 10% to 15%.
Traceability to the SI units will be achieved either by using SI traceable calibrants and/or using reference methods i.e. Isotope Dilution Mass Spectrometry.
June 2017 - Registration for participation (Completed)
June/July 2017 - Distribution of material to the participants (Completed)
November 2017 - Results submitted by partners (Completed)
February 2018 - Discussion of results - EURAMET TC-MC SCIA Meeting (Completed)
April 2018 - Discussion of the results - CCQM - IAWG Meeting
May 2018 - Draft Report submitted by coordinators
July 2018 - Final Report submitted by coordinators
The comparison is jointly coordinated by UME and IMBiH with UME being the pilot laboratory.
The pilot is supported by:
Aida Jotanovic, IMBiH / Bosnia and Herzegovina
Phone +387 33 568 925

Progress Report 2021-04-30

The participants gave their feedback on Draft A report and made only a few suggestions for improvement for supplementary study. Draft B report is generated and shared with the participants.

There is no feedback received for the pilot study. So, there is no major changes, the report is ready to be issued as the final report.

Progress Report 2020-03-10

Draft A report has been prepared and shared with the participants for review.

Progress Report 2019-02-01

Draft A report has been prepared, and will be shared with the participants for their review.

Progress Report 2018-02-23

Participants reported their results. First results were discussed 2018 EURAMET TC-MC SCIA meeting in Vienna (February 2018). Data processing and reporting are in progress.

Metrology in Chemistry (MC)
Coordinating Institute
UME (Turkey)
Further Partners
INTI (Argentina)
ISP (Chile)
INM (Colombia)
RCM-LIPI (Indonesia)
UNIIM (Russia)
LATU (Uruguay)
NTUA (Greece)
UW (Poland)
STD-ITDI (Philippines)