Cooperation on Galileo programme by European time and frequency centres

Final report, 30 March 2006

The Project was proposed with the aim of co-ordinate the collaboration between EC, ESA and European Time Centre to find the best to support GALILEO success.

The objectives of the project have been overcome and GALILEO programme is near a reality and the integration in GALILEO's time operational structure is opened for European Time Centre.

Since the first contact with ESA, European Time Centre has been considered a relevant partner for the discussion and planning of the GALILEO timing structure. The development phase of the project has involved most of the European expertise in the fields of time and frequency.

Proposal, March 2000

The European Union (EU) and the European Space Agency (ESA) has launched December 15, 1999, the Galileo programme. It compromises the development, implementation and operation of a state of the art global and multi-modal navigation satellite sytem.

Galileo positionning systems accuracy and reliability are based on the assumption of a very stable and accurate time scale of Time and frequency Centres. European Time and Frequency Centres can support, with their manpower, equipement and knowledge, the work of elaborating a Time scale to achieve the goal GALILEO have assumed.

This project is opened to co-ordinate the collaboration between EC, ESA and European Time Centres to find the best way to support GALILEO sucess.

Time and Frequency (TF)
Juan Palacio, ROA (Spain)
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