Comparison on natural gases

Project Description

SMU will prepare 10 component natural gas mixtures to be analysed by the other participants.
Nominal composition:Methane rest

  • Ethane 0,01 mol/mol
  • Propane 0,005 mol/mol
  • Nitrogen 0,01 mol/mol
  • CO2  0,01 mol/mol
  • i-butane 0,001 mol/mol
  • n-butane 0,001 mol/mol
  • i-pentane 0,0005 mol/mol
  • n-pentane 0,0005 mol/mol
  • n-hexane 0,0002 mol/mol

The pressure in the cylinders will be approximately 50 bar; cylinders of 5 dm3 nominal will be used. Each cylinder will have its own reference value calculated from the gravimetric preparation.

Transport of the cylinders to participants and return shipment will be arranged and paid for by participants.

Final Report 2014-12-31

The comparison has been completed and results are published in the KCBD.

Progress Report 2014-03-27

After revision of Draft B of EURAMET 1212 it was decided, that the status of this comparison has to be changed from key to supplementary.

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