Comparison on material parameter measurements in the THz spectral range with optical, resonant and VNA based setups

Project Description

This pilot study is part of the EMPIR Project TEMMT (18SIB09). Therein, different methods for material parameter measurements in the THz spectral range will be compared.

The different measurement setups include optical (TDS or FDS) and resonant or VNA based systems, all of which have unique properties like e.g. spectral coverage. The comparison will cover a frequency range from approximately 100 GHz up to potentially several THz. The exact frequency range is left open and different systems will have different frequency coverage. Part of the study is also to evaluate frequency limits of the different setups. A set of reference materials will be measured by as many setups as possible. In addition, the measurements will be analysed with different material parameter extraction methods to study and compare different algorithms.

External funding is available through EMPIR.

Progress Report 2021-10-12

Three more participants have joined which leads to a total number of eleven participants from eight institutes.

Most of the participants have finished their measurements. The set of reference materials consists of various specimens, high-loss to low-loss, with different thicknesses. It is expected that the last participant will finish the measurements by the end of the year 2021. The participants should send their complete measurement results by the end of February 2022 latest.

Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
Alireza Kazemipour, METAS (Switzerland)
Phone: +41 58 387 04 84
Coordinating Institute
METAS (Switzerland)
Further Partners
Military University of Technology (Poland)
University of Fribourg (Switzerland)