Comparison of value assigned forensic alcohol in water reference materials

Project Description

The intercomparison is part of the EMPIR 16RPT02 ALCOREF project 'Certified forensic alcohol reference materials' which aims to develop certified ethanol in water reference materials for the calibration of evidential breath alcohol analysers.
Besides the ALCOREF institutes, other NMIs/DIs that deliver measurement services for forensic alcohol in water reference materials through one or more value-assigned CRMs are invited to participate. Participants will send their (candidate) CRMs to the coordinating laboratory (LNE) where they will be measured by GC-IDMS under repeatable conditions.
Statistical analysis of results will be performed with the approach used in CCQM-K79 'Comparison of value-assigned CRMs and PT materials: Ethanol in Aqueous Matrix'.

List of participating partners is not yet complete. More EURAMET and CCQM OAWG institutes will be invited.