Comparison of steel tape measures

Final Report, 7 December 2004

Comparison of the calibration of three steel tape measures.

10 m length, stainless steel with etched line marks, Richter 1994, in vinyl covered steel case with winding handle, measurement interval: 1m
30 m length, steel yellow, with painted line marks, Richter 1994, steel frame with handle and winding handle, measurement interval: 3m
50 m length, steel with engraved line marks, 1955, steel frame without winding handle, measurement interval: 5m
all tapes of accuracy class II (OIML R 35)
Measurement conditions: horizontal, loading force: 50 N or 100 N, respectively, reference temperature: 20 °C

The comparison started in February 2003 and ended in August 2004.

The results are documented in the final report available on the BIPM key comparison database and the website of the EUROMET TC Length

This comparison was registered as EUROMET.L-S14 supplementary comparison in the framework of the Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) of the Metre Convention and supports confidence in calibration and measurement certificates issued by the participating national metrology institutes.

Proposal, 9 September 2002

Comparison of the calibration of a 30m steel tape measure; measuring interval; loading force; reference temperature

Further Information

The comparison will be submitted as a EUROMET supplementary comparison in the framework of the MRA