Comparison measurement for the validation of the developed methods for Al and Mo

Project Description

Within the EMRP Project SIB 09 "Primary standards for challenging elements", INRIM, BRML, SMU, CENAM and PTB developed different methods to link liquid primary standards to liquid secondary standards with target uncertainties of Urel ≤ 0.1 %. Within this EURAMET comparison we want to validate these methods for the elements aluminium and molybdenum. The results of this comparison cannot be used to support CMC claims.

Final Report 2017-02-09

Comparison measurement of the methods developed within project SIB09 for linking liquid primary standards to liquid secondary standards. The results of the comparison emphasises the challenging nature of achieving relative expanded uncertainties of 0.1 % with the developed methods.

The Final Report of the comparison can be downloaded here>>

Metrology in Chemistry (MC)
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PTB (Germany)
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Centro Nacional de Metrologia - CENAM (Mexico)