Comparison in the range 50 MPa to 500 MPa

Project Description

The participating laboratories compare their pressures in the range from 50 MPa to 500 MPa.

The transfer standard is a DH-Budenberg piston-cylinder unit 5 MPa/kg.

Final Report 2007-10-29

The comparison has been completed and the resulats are available in the KCDB.

All the results were in a good agreement with the reference values, calculated as weighted means of the results from the four primary level laboratories CMI, METAS, NMI-VSL and PTB. The results fully support the uncertainties claimed in the CMC tables of the participants.
No links to other comparisons were made as the latest EUROMET key comparisons in the high pressure range were carried out more than twelve years ago.

Progress Report

All the participants made their measurements by September 2006. The report is being drafted.

Mass and Related Quantities (M)
Markku Rantanen, MIKES (Finland)
Coordinating Institute
MIKES (Finland)