Classification of the calibration and measurement capabilities in the field of electricity and magnetism

Project Description

A working group is appointed for the classification of the "calibration and measurement capabilities - cmc".

The goal of the working group is the improvment of the classification of the "cmc" starting from the preliminary classification approved at the meeting in Oslo (November 10-11,1999) and given to the EUROMET NMIs as refernce for the revision of their "cmc" tables.

When the working group has worked out a significant revision of the classification, this will be circulated among the NMIs with a time limit for observations and suggestions. Then it will be released with a version number increased by one unit.

The coordoinator of the working group will maintain contact with and receive input from the working group for the analysis of the "cmc" of the NMIs. The two working groups will decide together at what time it will be worth to ask the NMIs to introduce the new version of the classification into the "cmc" tables.

The working group will look for contacts and exchange of information with the other regional organisations for a uniform classification of the Electricity and magnetism "cmc".

Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
Hans Bachmair, PTB (Germany)
Coordinating Institute
PTB (Germany)