Calibration Inter-comparison of a 5-litre volume glass standard

Project Description

The suggested project serves the purpose to compare the ability of the participating laboratories to calibrate the contained and delivered volume of a volume standard routinely used in laboratory work. The calibration results and the claimed uncertainties are aimed to harmonise the view of the laboratories for this service to industry. The exercise will also deliver data for reviewing the laboratories CMC-tables in this metrological field.This proposed inter-comparison is a repetition of EUROMET project 51 in 1988. The benefit can be threefold:

  • Laboratories having taken part earlier can review their reproducibility with the same object after possibly having changed method, personnel, traceability chain and uncertainty judgements etc.
  • Laboratories that were outside the EUROMET community in the late 80-ties and never have taken part in a volume inter-comparison get the chance to link their results to those of their sister organisations.
  • The comparison between the old results and the new ones can resolve the stability of this type of volume standards.
  • The analysis of the old and new results, especially the uncertainty analysis can demonstrate whether the on-going search for improvement in calibration work really results in better metrological service

The agreed project is run in close co-operation with a parallel one aiming at the volume of a 100 ml Gay-Lussac Pycnometer. Both projects may serve as a preparation for a coming world wide Key-comparison using a 20 l volume standard and a pipette.

Final Report 2007-10-31

The project has been finished and the report can be downloaded here>>.