Calibration Guides for accredited laboratories in EURAMET member countries

Project Description

The use of harmonised and validated calibration guidelines increases the reliability of services provided by calibration laboratories in EURAMET member countries. Furthermore, it facilitates the accreditation process for these laboratories as by the use of a method described in a regional or national standard a validation of the method by the laboratory itself is not required.

EURAMET calibration guides are widely used within this community, but they only cover a limited range of calibration services. In many countries NMI's are supporting calibration laboratories by developing additional guides at a national level, however the mechanisms and specific issues, needs and opportunities for further support by the EURAMET TC's are not generally known to the EURAMET community. A cross-country cooperation in the development of calibration guides is only happening in a very few cases and is at an initial stage.

General Objective:

Support the development and provision of calibration guidelines in EURAMET member countries, and possibly beyond, by cooperation between national providers of guidelines and EURAMET TC's.

Specific Objectives:

  • Understand the mechanisms in EURAMET member countries by which the NMI's provide technical support to the accredited calibration laboratories of their countries, in particular in the development of calibration guides
  • Get an overview on the situation of calibration guides in EURAMET member countries: existing guides / new guides under development / need for new guides
  • Analyse and describe the possibilities for cooperation between national initiatives and EURAMET TC‘s in the development and provision of calibration guides
  • Harmonisation of the structure of calibration guides, to facilitate their use in different EURAMET member countries
  • Identify stakeholder organisations and analyse possibilities and benefits of cooperation
  • Achieve NAB's recognition of validated EURAMET calibration guides for the accreditation of calibration laboratories.
  • Establish a European pool of calibration guidelines