Bilateral Intercomparison SP-TRAPIL;hydrocarbon

Project Description

Intercomparison in hydrocarbon flow 1000-5000l/min.
The object used for this measurement is a PD meter Kral OMG 140 with very well known historical data.

The meter will be calibrated first in SP (RISE) and transported by car (to avoid bad handling during the transport) to TRAPIL and back to SP for a final measurement.
The draft for the report will be written by SP and Trapil for accept.
No intercomparison with this high flow rates have been made.

Final Report 2010-01-30

The project has been completed and the report can be downloaded here>>

The bilteral intercomparison was aimed to relate Trapils calibration facility for hydrocarbons to an earlier performed key comparison, in which SP had been one of the partners. The calibration was performed over a large flow rate (500 to 5000 L/min) including the cardinal point (Reynoldsnumber 100 000) from the key comparison at which the KCRV was defined. The used meter, a DN-150 Kral screw meter, was bigger but of the same type, as the instrument used in the key comparison. Both laboratories used kerosene of almost the same but relatively high viscosty. SP performed three calibrations, one before and two after the one at Trapil. In two of them the temperature was kept stable at 20 ˚C to test the meter stability and in one the deviating temperatures between 23 and 31 ˚C from Trapil were recreated. A maximum difference of 0,02 % over the entire flow range could be stated, suggesting a degree of equivalence for Trapils flow rig of +0,018 % to the KCRV. This intercomparison constitute the first linkage of a laboratory to a key comparison reference value in the flow area.

Flow (F)
Krister Stolt, SP (Sweden)
Coordinating Institute
RISE (Sweden)
Participating Partners