Bilateral comparison on Luminous Responsivity

Project Description

It is intended to propose an intercomparison of luminous responsivity to PHORA TC as a EUROMET Bilateral Intercomparison. This intercomparison will be linked to the CIPM key comparison.

The comparison will be carried out through the calibration of two photometer heads and two filter radiometers. A description of the transfer standards is given in section 3 of the protocol.

The technical protocol has been drown up by the pilot and participating laboratories, following the main procedure applied in the CCPR-K3.b International comparison on luminous responsivity of 2001

Further Information

Protocole document attached.

Photometry and Radiometry (PR)
Alicia Pons Aglio, IO-CSIC (Spain)
Coordinating Institute
IO-CSIC (Spain)
Participating Partners
UME (Turkey)