Bilateral comparison of the test rigs of BEV and JP Energetika Ljubljana (representative laboratory for water flow measurements in Slovenia)

Final Report, 1 June 2007

(Please see also detailed test reportMedia/docs/projects/821_Results_Project.pdf)


 Proposal, 4 November 2004

An electromagnetic flow meter will be tested under the following conditions in BEV and JP Energetika Ljubljana:

small flow rates: 50 L/h, 25 L/h, 10 l/h
temperature of the water: (50 ± 1) °C
pressure at the outlet of the meter: 0,6 bar
number of repeated measurements: 10 times

Tested volume at all flow rates: 10 L, 5 L, 3 L
The measurements procedures are planned for the period: November/December 2004.

Further Information

This is an additional test to project No 699. Like in project No 699, the test rigs are compared by electromagnetic flow meters but now the flow rates are lower, because at lower flow rates normally higher discrepancies are assumed to be found than at higher flow rates. Moreover, the participants dispose of only 1 single meter of that size.

Flow (F)
Franz Adunka, BEV (Austria)
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