Bilateral comparison of a 1000 microlitre micropipette

Project Description

The main purpose of this project is to compare the results and uncertainties of 1000 microlitre micropipette calibration. This project will follow the EUROMET Project 865 " Volume calibration of 1000 µl micropipettes" protocol, thus permitting to the participating laboratories to test the agreement of their results despite the different used equipment. IPQ acting as the pilot laboratory will perform a calibration of the micropipette in the beginning and at the end of the comparison.

Final Report 2011-03-01

The project has been completed and the final report can be downloaded here>>

This bilateral comparison of a 1000 microlitre micropipette involved IPQ and EIM. IPQ, acting as the pilot laboratory determined the reference value.
The volume results of EIM are consisted with the reference value  despite the use of a different calibration method.
The value of the expanded uncertainty is quite similar but there are some differences in the values of the uncertainty components. The uncertainty component that has a major contribution to the final uncertainty was the repeatability of the measurements for IPQ and the mass for EIM.
In this report it is as also determined the equivalence of EIM results with the EUROMET comparison 865. EIM results showed a good agreement with the reference value of EUROMET project 865.


Flow (F)
Coordinating Institute
IPQ (Portugal)
Participating Partners
EIM (Greece)