Angle comparison using an autocollimator

Project Description

Bilateral comparison EURAMET.L-K3.2009.2 as follow-up to the comparison EURAMET.L-K3.2009 using the same protocol, but different artefact.

Final Report 2018-06-07

The project has been completed and the results are published in the KCDB.

Bilateral follow-up comparison to EURAMET.L-K3.2009 using the same technical protocol, but a different artefact. PTB provided the autocollimator, made stability measurements, collected the results and made a first analysis. METAS drafted the technical protocol, analysed the results and wrote the report.

Length (L)
Rudolf Thalmann, METAS (Switzerland)
Coordinating Institute
METAS (Switzerland)
Participating Partners
PTB (Germany)