Analysis of 239Pu/240Pu alpha-particle spectra

Project Description

A. Actions by IRMM

Preparation of 3 Pu solutions with, respectively, 239Pu/240Pu activity ratios about 0.6, 1 and 1.4.

Certification of isotopic ratios by mass spectrometry.

Preparation of 1 vacuum sublimed source and 1 drop (TEG) source from each solution. Measurement of 6 reference spectra per source. Total: 36 spectra.

Distribution of spectra to participants for analysis.

B. Actions by participants

Analyse the 238Pu, 239Pu, 240Pu and send results (coded laboratories) to IRMM (2-3 months).

C. IRMM to prepare a report. Draft report within 3 months.

Further Information

Laboratories will be coded.

The partners use 4 different analysis codes.

Other partners may join.

Ionising Radiation (IR)
G. Bortels, JRC-Geel (Belgium)
Further Partners
JRC-Geel (Coordinating Institute)
Univ. Calgary
Dr Westmeier
Univ. Extremadura
Khlopin Radium Inst.