Reg. No.
Coordinating Institute
Collaboration Type
F 50 1988-12-01 Calibration of vertical cylindrical tanks completed Comparison
TF 242 Optical and Microwave frequencies in the scale of Hydrogen completed Research
EM 248 1992-01-01 Training sessions completed Research
AUV 257 1991-10-15 European comparison in accelaration calibration completed Comparison
IR 325 1994-09-01 Analysis of 239Pu/240Pu alpha-particle spectra completed Research
MC 332 1994-10-01 Determination of trace elements in water completed Traceabillity
L 340 1995-01-09 Research of precision measurement of laser wavelengths completed Research
EM 342 1995-01-01 Meeting of experts on the quantum Hall effect and the Josephson effect completed Consultation
EM 367 1997-01-01 Meeting of experts on the quantum Hall effect completed Consultation
EM 404 1996-10-01 Study of metrological properties of QHE samples completed Research
F 407 1997-03-01 Intercomparison of calibrations of two G 400 turbine meters assembled in series completed Comparison
T 433 1997-08-01 Humidity calibration facilities in the dewpoint range of 0 to -75 °C completed Consultation
EM 488 1998-12-01 Traceability and mutual recognition of impulse voltage measurements completed Comparison
EM 494 1998-11-01 Intercoparison of high voltage impulse measuring systems completed Comparison
MC 527 1999-07-01 Revision of terms for the revision of VIM completed Consultation
MC 528 1999-11-01 Metals in water completed Comparison
MC 548 1999-07-01 Trace elements in sediment completed Comparison
MC 563 1999-10-01 Calcium, glucose, creatinine and cholesterol in human serum completed Comparison
MC 565 2000-01-01 Cd content in rice completed Comparison
MC 566 2000-11-01 Determination of sulfur in fuel completed Comparison
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