The list shows all projects coordinated within the Technical Committee for Photometry and Radiometry.

Projects TC-PR

Reg. No.
Coordinating Institute
Collaboration Type
PR 695 2003-02-01 Development of a transportable irradiance scale for solar ultraviolet radiation measurements. PTB completed Research
PR 1226 2012-09-01 Comparison of Reference Solar Cells PTB in progress Comparison EURAMET.PR-S5
PR 1468 2019-05-01 Pilot study on the detection efficiency of single-photon detectors - SI-SPAD PTB in progress Comparison
PR 776 2003-01-01 High Power Fibre Optic Calibration RISE completed Research
PR 352 1995-03-01 Fabrication of precision apertures and methods to measure its area for use with irradiance and illuminance meters. RISE completed Research
PR 353 1994-01-01 Transmittance measurements on V(lambda) filters RISE completed Comparison
PR 354 1994-01-01 A photometric scale based on filtered trap detectors RISE completed Research
PR 355 1994-01-01 Luminous intensity scales RISE completed Comparison
PR 397 1996-08-01 Intercomparison of cryogenic radiometers by direct and indirect methods. RISE completed Comparison
PR 581 2000-04-01 Fibre optic consultation working group RISE completed Consultation
PR 892 2005-12-30 Traceability of spectral power responsivity RISE ongoing Traceabillity
PR 1116 2009-09-15 Spectral responsivity in the range from 900 nm to 1600 nm VSL in progress Comparison EURAMET.PR-K2.a
PR 380 1995-06-12 EUROMET Framework IV Programme Workshop VSL completed Consultation
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