EMPIR Joint Research Projects linked to Photometry and Radiometry

The following EMPIR Joint Research Projects are linked to Photometry and Radiometry

Call 2020

SEQUME, Single- and entangled photon sources for quantum metrology, 20FUN05
QADeT, Quantum sensors for metrology based on single-atom-like device technology, 20IND05
MetTLM, Metrology for temporal light modulation, 20NRM01
SmartPhora, Smart specialisation and stakeholder linkage in Photometry and Radiometry, SCP-03

Call 2019

Metro-PV, Metrology for emerging PV applications, 19ENG01
MAPP, Metrology for aerosol optical properties, 19ENV04
MetEOC-4, Metrology to establish an SI traceable climate observing system, 19ENV07
RevStdLED, Revision and extension of standards for test methods for LED lamps, luminaires and modules, 19NRM02
MeTISQ, Metrology for testing the implementation security of quantum key distribution hardware, 19NRM06
EMN-Quantum, Support for the European Metrology Network on Quantum Technologies, 19NET02

Call 2018
BxDiff, New quantities for the measurement of appearance, 18SIB03 
chipS·CALe, Self-calibrating photodiodes for the radiometric linkage to fundamental constants, 18SIB10 
ForClimateOcean, European metrology network for climate, 18NET04 

Call 2017
SIQUST, Single-photon sources as new quantum standards, 17FUN06

Call 2016
PV-Enerate, Advanced PV energy rating, 16ENG02
MetEOC-3, Further metrology for earth observation and climate,16ENV03
SURFACE, Pavement surface characterisation for smart and efficient road lighting, 16NRM02
BiRD, Bidirectional reflectance definitions,16NRM08

Call 2015
PhotoLED, Future photometry based on solid-state lighting products,15SIB07

Call 2014
MIQC2, Optical metrology for quantum enhanced secure telecommunication,14IND05
PhotInd, Metrology for the photonics industry - optical fibres, waveguides and applications,14IND13

EMRP Joint research Projects linked to Photometry and Radiometry

The following EMRP Joint Research Projects are linked to Photometry and Radiometry

Call 2013
SolCell, Metrology for III-V materials based high efficiency multi-junction solar cells, ENG51
PhotoClass, Towards an energy-based parameter for photovoltaic classification, ENG55
MESaIL, Metrology for efficient and safe innovative lighting, ENG62
MetEOC2, Metrology for earth observation and climate, ENV53
atmoz, Traceability for atmospheric total column ozone, ENV59

Call 2012
xDReflect, Multidimensional reflectometry for industry, IND52
NEWSTAR, New primary standards and traceability for radiometry, SIB57
SIQUTE, Single-photon sources for quantum technologies, EXL02

Call 2011

Call 2010
MIQC, Metrology for industrial quantum communication technologies, IND06
solarUV, Traceability for surface spectral solar ultraviolet radiation, ENV03
MetEOC, European metrology for earth observation and climate, ENV04

Call 2009
Lighting, Metrology for Solid State Lighting, ENG05

iMERA-PLUS Joint research Projects linked to Photometry and Radiometry

The following iMERA-Plus Joint Research Project is linked to Photometry and Radiometry

Call 2007
qu-Candela, Candela: towards quantum-based photon standards, T1.J2.3