TC-M Subcommittee Density and Viscosity

The Subcommittee covers the following topics:

  • Realisation, maintenance and dissemination of density and viscosity units 
  • Standards and traceability in the SI 
  • Comparisons, pilot studies, CMC entries 
  • Research cooperation, in particular in EMPIR projects, on the development, improvement and application of methods for density and viscosity determination and for related quantities (surface tension, refractive index) 
  • Cooperation on knowledge exchange, capacity building and training 
  • Guidelines for density and viscosity measurements 
  • Strategic planning for density and viscosity measurements

SC Convenor

Other TC-M Subcommittees and Convenors

ForceRolf Kumme, PTB (Germany)
MassStuart DavidsonNPL (United Kingdom)
PressureWladimir Sabuga, PTB (Germany)

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