The list shows all projects coordinated within the Technical Committee for Mass and Related Quantities.

Projects TC-M

Subject Reg. No. Starting TITLE Coordinating Institute Status Collaboration Type KCDB
M 1019 2007-07-01 Comparison of density determinations of liquid samples BEV completed Comparison EURAMET.M.D-K2
M 1029 2007-07-01 Bilateral comparison of 1 kg stainless steel weights MIRS completed Comparison EUROMET.M.M-K4.1
M 1030 2008-03-12 Second regional (European) Comparison of Absolute Gravimeters (ECAG-2007) INRIM completed Comparison
M 1031 2008-05-01 Solid density comparison PTB completed Comparison EURAMET.M.D-K1.1
M 1040 2007-07-01 Comparison in Gas Media (absolute mode) in the range from 100 µPa to 1 Pa METAS completed Comparison EURAMET.M.P-S7
M 1041 2007-07-01 Comparison in gas media (absolute and gauge mode) in the range from 25 kPa to 200 kPa METAS completed Comparison EURAMET.M.P-K8
M 1047 2008-06-01 Comparison in the range (0.5 Pa - 15 kPa), gauge and absolute CMI completed Comparison EURAMET.M.P-K4.2010
M 45 1992-10-31 Intercomparison in the pressure range 50-500 MPa. LNE completed Comparison EUROMET.M.P-K5
M 110 1992-02-18 Intercomparison in the pressure range 100 - 700 (1000) MPa LNE completed Comparison EUROMET.M.P-K6
M 143 1988-05-01 Comparison of mass and measurement techniques at 10 and 50g NPL completed Comparison
M 212 Intercomparison about weighing 5 metric tonnes LNE completed Comparison
M 215 1992-06-01 Intercomparison of stainless steel kilogram standards NPL completed Comparison EUROMET.M.M-K1
M 236 1991-01-01 Intercomparison of hydrometers' calibration stations with transfer standard hydrometers INRIM completed Comparison EUROMET.M.D-K4.PREV
M 273 1993-04-01 Intercomparison of viscosity standards PTB completed Comparison EUROMET.M.V-S1
M 303 1994-11-01 Intercomparison of viscosity standards in the low viscosity range PTB completed Comparison EUROMET.M.V-S2
M 305 1994-04-01 Comparison measurement in the pressure range 1 to 5 MPa PTB completed Comparison EUROMET.M.P-K2
M 339 1996-01-01 Intercomparison of volume standards by hydrostatic weighing METAS completed Comparison EUROMET.M.D-K1
M 389 1996-09-01 100 MPa Hydraulic Pressure Comparison NPL completed Comparison EUROMET.M.P-K4
M 415 1997-01-01 Intercomparison of viscosity standards in the high-viscosity range and test of surface-tension correction factors PTB completed Comparison
M 441 1996-01-01 A Bi-Lateral Comparison of a 0.5 gram to 0.001 gram Weight Set. NPL completed Comparison
M 442 1997-10-01 EUROMET key comparison in the low pressure range 1 x 10^-7 Pa to 1000 Pa LNE completed Comparison EUROMET.M.P-K1.a
M 445 2006-05-23 Comparison of Mass Standards in Multiples and Submultiples of the Kilogramm RISE completed Comparison EUROMET.M.M-K2
M 455 1998-01-01 Intercomparison in the pressure range 50 - 350 kPa MIKES completed Comparison
M 461 1998-09-01 Comparison of 500 kg mass standard CMI completed Comparison EUROMET.M.M-S1
M 505 2000-01-01 Comparison of force standards from 500 kN to 4 MN PTB in progress Comparison EURAMET.M.F-K3
M 510 1999-08-01 Comparison of mass standards of the kilogram (stainless steel) NPL completed Comparison EUROMET.M.M-K4
M 518 2003-01-01 An intercomparison of force standards at 50 kN and 100 kN NPL completed Comparison EUROMET.M.F-K2
M 535 2002-01-01 EUROMET Force Comparison, 5kN and 10 kN MIKES completed Comparison EUROMET.M.F-K1
M 537 1999-06-01 Bilateral comparison linking to CCM key comparison in the pressure range up to 7 MPa CMI completed Comparison
M 592 2000-03-01 PRAQIII Intercomparison of mass measurements DFM completed Comparison
M 627 2001-09-01 Comparison of density determinations of liquid samples PTB completed Comparison EUROMET.M.D-K2
M 1411 2016-09-01 Dynamic high pressure comparison MIKES concluded Comparison
M 702 2003-07-01 Comparison of the calibrations of high resolution hydrometers for liquid density determinations INRIM completed Comparison EUROMET.M.D-K4
M 722 2003-10-01 Bilateral pressure comparison in the range to 7 MPa, in oil INM-RO completed Comparison
M 761 2003-03-01 A bilateral comparison of a 1 mg - 20 kg weight set calibrated by subdivision/multiplication DFM completed Comparison
M 786 2004-12-01 Comparison of Mass Standards in Multiples and Submultiples of the Kilogram II RISE completed Comparison EUROMET.M.M-K2.1
M 788 2004-03-20 Pressure Measurements and Calculation of the Effective Area of a Transfer Piston-Cylinder Assembly from 0.05 to 1 MPa METAS completed Comparison EUROMET.M.P-S1
M 832 2004-12-01 Comparison of 50 kg weights MIKES completed Comparison
M 834 2005-06-15 Bilateral comparison in the field of pressure measurement UME completed Comparison
M 838 2005-06-20 Bilateral comparison of Force Standard Machines UME completed Comparison
M 855 2005-07-06 Comparison between NPL and INRIM in the range 3.10-4 Pa to 9.10-2 Pa NPL completed Comparison
M 861 2005-08-10 Comparison of standards in the pressure range 0,04 to 1,75 MPa UME completed Comparison EUROMET.M.P-S4
M 881 2005-07-01 Comparison in the range 50 MPa to 500 MPa MIKES completed Comparison EURAMET.M.P-K7
M 884 2006-01-01 Comparison of absolute pressure standards in the barometric range from 80 kPa to 110 kPa LNE completed Comparison
M 921 2006-08-15 Comparison in the range -2000 Pa to +2000 Pa MIKES completed Comparison
M 922 2006-04-01 Bilateral comparison to support planned replacement of CMC entries of PTB in the range 1E-2 Pa to 2E3 Pa PTB completed Comparison EUROMET.M.P-S2
M 931 2007-04-01 Comparison of the pressure distortion coefficients of the LNE and PTB 1 GPa piston-cylinder assemblies PTB completed Comparison EURAMET.M.P-S5
M 1054 2008-06-18 Comparison, mass standards - 100g, 10g, 500µg, 200µg & 100µg NPL completed Comparison EURAMET.M.M-S2
M 1055 2008-04-21 Inter-comparison of reference-type static torque machines PTB completed Comparison EURAMET.M.T-S1
M 1070 2008-07-01 Bilateral and supplementary comparison with two SRG as transfer standard between SP and PTB RISE concluded Comparison
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