Questionnaire PhD and Post-graduate courses in Metrology

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- Please indicate year and number in the corresponding field.
- For the courses, please also add how often a course is held.

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Personal Information
1. Agreements with Universities
Does your NMI/DI have a formal agreement with one or more Universities for managing PhD and Post-graduate courses in Metrology? If so, please indicate which Universities and describe in few words the type of agreement.
2. Calls
3. Training Courses
What training courses does your Institution deliver that include material on measurement science, metrology, uncertainty, data analysis? Please provide course titles and duration in days (1 day = 7.5 hrs approx.)
Please insert below for categories a) - d) the number of calls and dates of calls
4. Categories of courses
How do you deliver these courses? Please tick all that apply.
5. External Partners for Training Courses
6. Number of hours for Training Courses per year
If NMI/DI staff deliver any lectures at one or more Universities as part of PhD, Post-graduate teaching or professional training, please provide an estimate of the total number of hours delivered per year, considering only the courses delivered under a formal agreement between your institution and the University .
7. PhD and Post-graduate students ins NMIs/DIs
8. Number of PhD and Post-graduate students
9. Contact Point
Data privacy consent
The data will be used to map the activities of the NMIs/DIs in the field of PhD/Post-graduate initiatives. The results of the survey will be circulated and analysed within TC-IM and will hopefully be used to keep contacts and start common initiatives between NMIs/DIs.

The data will be processed by the members of the TC-IM Working Group on PhD/Post-graduate training in Metrology who belong to the following institutions: INRIM (Italy), NPL (UK), CMI (Czech Republic), TÜBITAK UME (Turkey).

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