The list below shows all projects coordinated within the Technical Committee for Electricity and Magnetism.

TC EM Projects

Reg. No.
Coordinating Institute
Collaboration Type
EM 296 1993-05-01 Evaluation of Danish Reference Laboratory for AC-electricity DFM completed Consultation
EM 314 1994-02-07 Meeting on electricity contact persons RISE completed Consultation
EM 315 1994-02-07 Meeting of experts on power measurements RISE completed Consultation
EM 322 1993-10-01 Realisation of a rotary-switch controller for operation of the thermal transfer standards RISE completed Research
EM 326 1994-06-01 Questionnaire on QHE samples development LNE completed Research
EM 329 1995-01-01 Intercomparison of noise standards between 12.4 - 18 GHz PTB completed Comparison
EM 334 1994-11-01 EUROMET meeting on ANA's and six-ports NPL completed Consultation
EM 341 1995-01-01 Bilateral comparison on coaxial power measurements LNE-SYRTE completed Comparison
EM 342 1995-01-01 Meeting of experts on the quantum Hall effect and the Josephson effect completed Consultation
EM 343 1994-11-01 Annual EUROMET Meeting on RF & Microwave Network Analysers and Six-Ports CMI completed Consultation
EM 345 1995-09-01 Intercomparison of 10pF and 100pF Capacitance Standards NPL completed Comparison
EM 346 1995-03-01 QHE samples acquisition LNE completed Research
EM 347 1995-01-01 Meeting of experts on AC/DC measurements INRIM completed Consultation
EM 348 1995-09-01 AC/DC transfer devices at high frequencies VSL completed Comparison
EM 357 1994-11-01 Comparison on dissipation-factor in capacitance RISE completed Comparison
EM 358 1994-11-01 Comparison on inductance RISE completed Comparison
EM 360 1995-05-15 Fast switching unit for ac/dc transfer up to 1000 V METAS completed Research
EM 367 1997-01-01 Meeting of experts on the quantum Hall effect completed Consultation
EM 385 1996-11-01 AC Power measurement at 50 Hz PTB completed Comparison
EM 386 1997-03-10 International Comparison of Electrical Field Strength PTB completed Comparison
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