Subject Reg. No. Starting Title Coordinating Institute Status Collaboration Type KCDB
EM 1430 2018-07-01 Peer Review of LCOE's QMS LCOE agreed/started Consultation
T 1429 2017-11-27 Bilateral comparison triple point cells of mercury between BEV and SMU SMU proposed Comparison
M 1428 2018-09-01 Comparison of torque standards from 100 N.m to 5000 N.m LNE proposed Comparison EURAMET.M.T-S5
Q 1427 2017-12-12 On site peer review IMBiH agreed/started Comparison
EM 1426 2017-07-17 Comparison of S-parameter Measurements in N-type connector devices METAS agreed/started Comparison
F 1425 2017-09-01 Calibration of micropipettes using the photometric method IPQ agreed/started Comparison
MC 1424 2017-06-01 Determination of Elements in River Water UME proposed Comparison EURAMET.QM-S11
F 1423 2017-05-01 Revision of EURAMET Calibration Guide No. 19 - Guidelines on the determination of uncertainty in gravimetric volume calibration IPQ agreed/started Consultation
T 1422 2017-06-15 Bilateral comparison of ITS-90 SPRT calibration from the Hg TP to the Zn FP JV agreed/started Comparison EURAMET.T-K9.1
T 1421 2017-06-01 Developing primary dew-point standards - dew-point generators GUM proposed Consultation
Q 1420 2017-11-01 Peer Review of LNE-SYRTE's QMS LNE-SYRTE agreed/started Consultation
Q 1419 2017-04-10 Peer Review of NSAI NML's Acoustics Laboratory NSAI NML agreed/started Consultation
AUV 1418 2017-10-01 Primary calibration of accelerometers in medium and high frequencies LNE proposed Comparison
Q 1417 2017-10-01 Peer review of QMS of LNE-INM (CNAM) LNE-INM proposed Consultation
M 1416 2017-03-15 Bilateral study comparison in the high vacuum range from 5E-7 Pa to 9E-4 Pa. CMI agreed/started Comparison
F 1415 2017-04-01 Bi-lateral comparison of standards for low-pressure gas flow VSL proposed Comparison
M 1414 2015-09-15 Comparison of hydraulic pressure balance effective area determination in the range up to 80 MPa HMI/FSB-LPM agreed/started Comparison EURAMET.M.P-S18
L 1413 2017-03-01 Angle comparison using an autocollimator METAS agreed/started Comparison
PR 1412 2016-04-01 EURAMET.PR-K6.2015 Key Comparison on spectral regular transmittance LNE-INM agreed/started Comparison
M 1411 2016-09-01 Dynamic high pressure comparison MIKES agreed/started Comparison
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