Subject Reg. No. Starting Title Coordinating Institute Status Collaboration Type KCDB
Q 1419 2017-04-10 Peer Review of NSAI NML's Acoustics Laboratory NSAI NML agreed/started Consultation
AUV 1418 2017-10-01 Primary calibration of accelerometers in medium and high frequencies LNE proposed Comparison
Q 1417 2017-10-01 Peer review of QMS of LNE-INM (CNAM) LNE-INM proposed Consultation
M 1416 2017-03-15 Bilateral study comparison in the high vacuum range from 5E-7 Pa to 9E-4 Pa. CMI agreed/started Comparison
F 1415 2017-04-01 Bi-lateral comparison of standards for low-pressure gas flow VSL proposed Comparison
M 1414 2015-09-15 Comparison of hydraulic pressure balance effective area determination in the range up to 80 MPa HMI/FSB-LPM completed Comparison
L 1413 2017-03-01 Angle comparison using an autocollimator METAS agreed/started Comparison
PR 1412 2016-04-01 EURAMET.PR-K6.2015 Key Comparison on spectral regular transmittance LNE-INM agreed/started Comparison
M 1411 2016-09-01 Dynamic high pressure comparison MIKES agreed/started Comparison
L 1410 2016-10-10 Calibration of Diameter Standards INRIM agreed/started Comparison EURAMET.L-K4.2015
EM 1409 2016-11-14 Calibration strategies of a dual-stage transimpedance amplifier (ULCA) with 1 GΩ nominal overall transresistance PTB agreed/started Research
Q 1408 2016-10-24 Peer Review of INM (Romania) INM proposed Consultation
L 1407 2016-09-01 Measurement of groove depth standards in the range 1 µm up to 1 mm PTB agreed/started Comparison EURAMET.L-S26
M 1406 2011-12-01 Comparison of mass standards 100 mg, 10 g, 100 g, 1 kg, 10 kg and 50 kg UME agreed/started Comparison EURAMET.M.M-S3
M 1405 2016-12-01 Comparison of absolute pressure in the range 0.1 mPa to 1 Pa PTB agreed/started Comparison
M 1404 2016-07-01 Solid density comparison CEM agreed/started Comparison
T 1403 2016-06-15 Tri-lateral comparison in humidity (dew-point temperature high range) 30 °C to 95 °C MBW agreed/started Comparison EURAMET.T-K8.1
T 1402 2016-03-22 Round-Robin comparisons of high temperature thermal conductivity measurement standards for insulation from 50 °C to 650 °C NPL completed Comparison EURAMET.T-S6
T 1401 2016-03-22 Star-shape comparisons of high temperature thermal conductivity measurement standards for insulation from 50 °C up to 650 °C NPL completed Comparison
MC, T 1400 2016-04-27 Moisture metrology development NPL agreed/started Research
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