Support for a European Metrology Network for climate and ocean observation

Short Name: ForClimateOcean, Project Number: 18NET04
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Strengthening the metrological foundations of climate data analysis

The European Metrology Network (EMN) for Climate and Ocean Observation was established to improve understanding of climate change processes by enabling reliable climate observation data for policymakers and other stakeholders. The network will apply metrological principles to analysis of climate observation data, encourage collaboration, and tailor measurement services to match demands. EMRP and EMPIR research is delivering impact but tackling the high number of challenging measurement accuracy targets imposes additional requirements for coordinating metrological capabilities.


This five-year project will shape the EMN for Climate and Ocean Observation to be responsive to stakeholder needs: be it instrument manufacturers, measurement networks, space agencies, climate modellers, ocean-application industries, and wider society. Metrological needs will be reviewed, brand recognition built, research agendas defined, and training materials disseminated to improve understanding between metrologists and their stakeholders.

Stronger metrological foundations for climate data will improve modelling and reduce forecast variance, while integration of ocean monitoring technologies in existing infrastructure will provide more robust models and more reliable decision making.


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The European metrology network for climate and ocean observation

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