Advanced uncertainty evaluation: example and software for industrial uptake

Short Name: TBCUnc, Project Number: 15SIP05

Uncertainty evaluation software will accelerate development of thermal barrier coatings which provide effective protection

Thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) are used in the aerospace, automotive and energy industries to protect expensive components operating in high temperatures. Thermal conductivity is a key property affecting TBC performance and an accurately measured value is crucial when determining whether a coating design provides adequate protection for a product. However, TBCs have a layered structure which makes their thermal conductivity challenging to measure and the associated measurement uncertainties are currently estimated using very approximate, and hence conservative, methods.

This project aims to maximise uptake of the new, more accurate uncertainty evaluation methods developed in EMRP project Uncertainty, by providing software and a worked example of the new method, enabling industrial users to apply the method to their own problems without needing expert mathematical knowledge. Primary supporter Alstom Power, which designs and develops TBCs,  will ensure that the software meets industry needs and be the first to use it to reduce material and testing costs and shorten the time to market for its new products.

Participating EURAMET NMIs and DIs
LNE (France)
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