Standard to certify the purity of zero gas in ambient air measurements

Short Name: Zero Gas, Project Number: 15SIP01
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Protocol will the ensure traceable calibration of pollution monitoring instruments in support of the Air Quality Directive.

Zero gases, such as nitrogen or synthetic air, are ultra-high purity gases used as reference points in the calibration of equipment in ambient air pollution measurements. This project aimed to maximise the uptake of the Certification Protocol for Zero Gas, developed by EMRP project MACPoll, by converting it into a draft documentary standard under ISO Technical Committee 158 “Gas Analysis.

Besides the incorporation of the Certification Protocol for Zero Gas into the documentary standard dealing with purity determinations in gas analysis (ISO 19229), this project developed and provided training courses to facilitate the uptake of the Certification Protocol for Zero Gas by National Reference Laboratories (NRLs) and the gas industry. The endorsement and implementation of the Certification Protocol and later of the ISO standard by European Network of Air Quality Reference Laboratories (AQUILA) and by the gas industry will improve compliance of the air monitoring networks with EU regulation and allow better reliability of the measurement data generated.

Participating EURAMET NMIs and DIs
MIKES-FMI (Finland)
VSL (Netherlands)