Absolute long distance measurement in air

Short Name: Long distance, Project Number: T3.J3.1
When starting the project, long-range measurements were performed with electronic distance measurement (EDM) instruments. One of the best of these instruments is Kern Mekometer ME5000 with a measurement range of 20 to 8000 m. Many of these instruments are still in use, but new instruments have not been available since the 1990's. They are based on the principle of measuring the phase shift of a modulation frequency along the path measurement.

Such instruments are calibrated using a calibrated baseline. The validation of new techniques for such calibrations would greatly improve the confidence in the traceability chain in long distance measurements. The project aimed at improving the current state of the art in the long range distance measurements. New instruments planned to be developed in this project should greatly simplify traceability chain of long distance to the metre. The results served the geodetic community, enabling much simpler calibration procedures of instruments and better accuracy.