Traceable calibration of automatic weighing instruments operating in the dynamic mode

Short Name: AWICal, Project Number: 14RPT02
Scales balance

New calibration methods to support dynamic weight measurements

While non-automatic weighing instruments (NAWIs) are routinely calibrated by accredited calibrationlaboratories based on the Guidelines on the Calibration of Non-Automatic Weighing InstrumentsEURAMET/cg-18, the calibration of automatic weighing instruments (AWIs) was not as well defined and onlylittle documented guidance was available. The project was focused on the development of reproduciblecalibration methods and measurement uncertainty evaluation models for different groups of AWIs, whichoperate in a dynamic mode. The project was also aimed to increase expertise among EURAMET members inthe provision of reliable traceability of AWIs. The calibration guides developed for AWIs were submitted to EURAMET for further approval as EURAMET Calibration Guides. The guides will be directly used bycalibration laboratories, which will assure traceability of measurements performed by AWIs operating in thedynamic mode.

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