Technical Specifications for quadrupole mass spectrometers and outgassing rates for assessing the quality of vacuum environments

Short Name: Vacuum ISO, Project Number: 14SIP01
High technology scientific vacuum chamber in research Laboratory

New standards to improve processes in the semiconductor industry

Quadrupole mass spectrometers (QMS) are a type of mass analyser used in high energy accelerators and fusion machines, and during the production of semiconductors and coatings. In response to an identified need among QMS users, EMRP project Vacuum produced guidelines on how to characterise and calibrate QMS, and how to perform traceable outgassing rate measurements. The ISO Technical Committee for Vacuum Technology has requested that the results of IND12 be implemented in two Technical Specifications: the Technical Specification for the characterisation and calibration of QMS and the Technical Specification for outgassing rate measurements. This project aimed to develop these technical specifications, allowing end-users to compare the performance of QMS and use them with the best possible accuracy. The impact will be felt in the semiconductor and coating industries through improved gas consumption, and increased speed and productivity. Large accelerator and fusion facilities in Europe will also greatly benefit from traceable measurements of residual gases and outgassing of materials.

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