Sub - milligram mass comparison

Project Description

Calibration of micromass standards having nominal values between (100...500) µg. This comparison provides a link with KCDB Supplimentary Comparison EURAMET.M.M-K5.

Final Report 2018-03-08

The comparison has been completed and the results are published in the KCDB.

Progress Report 2017-05-08

Measurements have been completed. Draft A of the comparison report is prepared. Awaiting response from 1 participant regarding the initial results.

Progress Report 2016-05-20

The circulation of the transfer standards is complete and the final measurements were made at the pilot laboratory in March 2016. Four of the five participants have sent results to the pilot. It is hoped to produce draft A of the comparison report by the end of June 2016 and complete the final report by January 2017. The successful completion of the comparison will allow participants to extend the scope of their CMCs below the current limit of 1 milligram.

Progress Report 2015-05-08

Ongoing. Two new project partners have joined since last report.

Mass and Related Quantities (M)
Coordinating Institute
NPL (United Kingdom)
Further Partners
National Scientific Centre "Institute of Metrology", Ukraine