Round-Robin comparisons of high temperature thermal conductivity measurement standards for insulation from 150 °C to 650 °C

Project Description

The objective of the comparisons is to establish the degree of equivalence among NMIs in Europe on thermal conductivity measurements of high temperature insulation using steady-state techniques by Round-Robin comparisons from 150 °C up to 650 °C.

Funded by the EMRP SIB52 project Metrology for thermal protection materials. PTB are responsible for independently collecting the data, not participating in the measurements.

Final Report 2017-03-30

In a round-robin (RR) comparison procedure, the thermal conductivity of one insulation reference material with two different thicknesses was measured at mean specimen temperatures from 150 °C to 650 °C by National Standard instruments, the Guarded Hot-Plate (GHP) apparatuses at NPL, LNE and CMI and the High Temperature Thermal Conductivity Measurement Apparatus (HTTCMA) at BFKH. The objective of the comparison between the results of the different partners and their individual instruments is to show if the requirements of the new EU regulations for equivalence not worse than 5 % can be achieved.

The measurements started in Oct. 2015 and were completed in all the NMIs involved by July 2016. NPL piloted the comparison. PTB, as independent party not participating in the round-robin comparison measurements, is responsible for collecting the measurement results of all participants and the analysis and report of the data. The objective of agreement within 5 % has partially been achieved.

Thermometry (T)
Jiyu Wu (NPL)
Coordinating Institute
NPL (United Kingdom)