Quantum resistance metrology based on graphene

Short Name: GraphOhm, Project Number: SIB51
Modern Workstation inside an Industrial Building

Portable quantum resistance standards: Making quantum resistance standards more widely available in industry

The units of electricity play a key role in industrial, scientific and technological applications since the measurement of nearly all other quantities relies on them at some point. Electrical resistance is traced to the quantum standard using the quantum Hall effect (QHE, a quantum electronic effect that allows accurate measurement of Planck’s constant). This project developed a QHE system using accurate and simple to use standards of electrical resistance based on graphene. Graphene, the two-dimensional crystal of carbon, has many extraordinary properties and characteristics which surpass those of other materials. This project paves the way to a robust, simpler to operate and cheaper, yet precise system for electrical measurements. This will benefit all NMIs, measurement services in Europe, and all industries relying on their service.



Coordinator: Franz Josef Ahlers (PTB)

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