Pilot study on the detection efficiency of single-photon detectors - SI-SPAD

Project Description

To provide a snapshot of measurement capabilities of National Measurement Institutes in the area of photon counting detection, this pilot study will implement a combined round-robin and star-type calibration of test detectors. The results of this effort will provide a number of benefits to the measurement community. While ultimately it will enable NMIs to improve methodologies and measurement uncertainties, at this initial point it will allow the participants and the community as a whole to better understand the technical and logistical challenges and resources required to move from measurement efforts that are largely research projects to measurements that are practical and robust enough to be considered as a more routine measurement service. In addition, this initial test should provide guidance on what measurement and operational parameters are better suited for those calibrating photon counting detectors and those who wish to make use of high accuracy calibrated detectors.

The technical protocol can be downloaded here>>

Progress Report 2022-01-11

Measurements have been carried out by VNIIOFI. Still open are measurements at NIM and INRIM as well as the final measurements at PTB.

Progress Report 2021-02-16

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 situation, there has not been progress in the measurements, because transportation of the artifacts was significantly delayed. Therefore, measurements have still to be carried out at VNIIOFI, NIM and INRIM.

Progress Report 2020-02-29

PTB, NIST, CMI, NPL, KRISS, METAS, NMIJ-AIST have completed their measurements. Measurements have to be carried out at VNIIOFI, NIM and INRIM.

Photometry and Radiometry (PR)
Coordinating Institute
PTB (Germany)
Further Partners
KRISS (Korea)
NIM (VR China)
NIST (United States of America)
VNIIOFI (Russia)