Next generation of quantum voltage systems for wide range applications

Short Name: JOSY, Project Number: T4.J03
The deployment of micro-electronic circuits for measurement and control applications in commercial devices and systems is ever increasing. Such control systems, in combination with state of the art sensors, have enabled large advances in both the performance and efficiency of mass-produced items. For example, electronic management systems in electrical motors have led directly to reduced energy consumption and, as a consequence, improved economy and reduced emissions to the atmosphere.

These leading-edge control systems rely on high performance electronic components including analogue to digital converters (ADCs), digital to analogue converters (DACs) and amplifiers. The systems are almost entirely digital and operate with harmonically complex waveforms. Ultimately, the end-to-end performance of the ADC, signal processing and DAC combinations has to be repeatable and reliable. High-resolution, repeatable electronic test equipment plays a crucial role during the development and testing phases.

Such repeatable and high-resolution measurements can be achieved only through accurate measurements obtained by calibration traceable to the SI. The main objective of this project is to introduce quantum-based measurement systems into AC metrology.