Multiphase flow metrology in oil and gas production

Short Name: MultiFlowMet, Project Number: ENG58

Multiphase energy flows: Measuring combined oil, water and gas flows

The world will be dependent for many decades to come on the production of oil and gas for its underpinning energy needs. Currently, well over half of the world’s energy demand is satisfied from oil and gas. The world economic value of oil and gas production is vast – around $3,000 bn per year for oil and $500 bn for gas. When oil is extracted from a well it typically exists as a multiphase flow, comprising time-varying ratios of oil, water and gas. As larger reserves dwindle in number, the new reserves being exploited year on year are smaller in size, larger in number, more remote and in deeper water. This has necessitated the development of subsea production, where new wells are increasingly produced and metered, on the seabed, prior to combining into shared pipelines leading to the nearest processing facility. Measuring the flow rate of each component is an underpinning metrology requirement that is key to operational resource efficiency, as well as prerequisite for custodial and fiscal measurement.

This project established and implemented methods for measurement harmonisation between multiphase flow laboratories, to enable multiphase flowmeters to be more reliably verified, enabling developers to advance the state-of-the art in flow measurement.. 

Other Participants
DNV GL Netherlands B.V. (Netherlands)
Industrial Tomography Systems Plc (United Kingdom)
Shell Global Solutions International B.V. (Netherlands)