Metrology for RF exposure from massive MIMO 5G base station: Impact on 5G network deployment

Short Name: 5GRFEX, Project Number: 18SIP02
5G communications tower

Supporting evidence-based legislation for effective 5G deployment

5G mobile networks will enable reliable, high capacity connectivity, and accelerate a digital economy already growing, in terms of data, at 40 % a year. However, European operators face regulatory challenges caused by some locally imposed limits for radio-frequency electromagnetic field (RF-EMF) exposure that diverge from internationally agreed guidance. Ambiguities in interpreting limits delayed 4G deployment and could, it’s feared, also slow 5G rollout. RF-EMF measurement methods are obsolete with 5G technologies and divergent legislation risks undermining the Digital Single Market. Industry, therefore, requires a credible verification methodology, as could be provided by methodologies developed in the previous EMPIR project MET5G.


This project will establish measurement capability and recommend traceable RF-EMF measurement methods applicable to high-frequency massive multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) 5G base stations and produce best practice guidance. This will lead to more informed debate and regulations, that balance performance and public safety. Sound evidence will also assist the EU Commission to decide whether to harmonise policies on deploying mobile broadband and other wireless technologies.

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