Metrology for radiological early warning networks in Europe

Short Name: MetroERM, Project Number: ENV57
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Early warning of nuclear accidents: Improving Europe's ability to detect and respond to radiological incidents

All European countries operate radiological early warning networks, and there are approximately 5500 monitoring stations currently active across Europe. Each monitoring station has a detector that is designed to detect radioactivity, and is linked to other stations, giving a live picture of the radioactivity level across large areas. This network of monitoring stations also provides information to enable European authorities to take appropriate action in the event of an adverse radiological event such as a nuclear accident.


However, many of these stations are based on simple detector designs which do not give the required level of radiological accuracy or detail, and thus further time-consuming data analysis is needed before any decisive action can be taken. To address this, this project will develop devices, new measurement techniques and methods to coordinate the radiological data collected from monitoring stations and to improve comparisons between different stations and networks. This will result in the faster and more coordinated response of European authorities in the event of a nuclear emergency.

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Other Participants
Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz (Germany)
Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire (France)
JRC - Joint Research Centre - European Commission (European Commission)