Metrology for nitrogen dioxide

Short Name: MetNO2, Project Number: 16ENV05
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First direct measurements of harmful pollutant will aid the development of evidence-based mitigation policies

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is produced when fuels are burned - for example, in car engines and power stations - and has one of the greatest impacts on human health of all air pollutants. Levels of NO2 in the atmosphere must be reduced to improve quality of life for European citizens and reduce the economic burden of health problems caused by NO2 exposure. However, NO2 is the only regulated air pollutant that is not directly measured, resulting in more uncertain and less accurate measurements.

This project will use results from EMRP project ENV01 MACPoll to develop capabilities for the direct measurement of NO2 using innovative techniques and direct calibration with more accurate and stable primary reference standards. More accurate measurements of NO2 will bring greater confidence in identified trends in emissions and air quality, and support the development and implementation of effective, evidence-based mitigation policies needed to reduce pollution levels.

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Other Participants
Aarhus Universitet (Denmark)
Deutscher Wetterdienst (Germany)
Eidgenoessische Materialpruefungs- und Forschungsanstalt (Switzerland)
Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH (Germany)
King's College London (United Kingdom)
University of York (United Kingdom)