Metrology for moisture in materials

Short Name: METefnet, Project Number: SIB64
Water-drops on glass
Moisture in materials: Measuring moisture levels 

Maintaining correct moisture levels during the production of pharmaceuticals, foods and paper is vital for ensuring quality but there is a lack of reliable measurements to determine ‘dryness’. Water content may change due to evaporation during processing, transportation or storage. In order to determine the water content of samples, they can be weighed before and after, and the amount of moisture lost calculated. However, the sample may still contain a certain amount of moisture after drying and other volatiles may also have evaporated, and so measurement uncertainty often remains unknown. By developing reference materials and comparing methods, this project established moisture measurements with SI traceability and known measurement uncertainties for the first time. The results will allow improvement of online measurement techniques for moisture and removal of variation in results between different techniques.

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