Metrology for highly-parallel manufacturing

Short Name: MetHPM, Project Number: 14IND09
Printed circuit board

Measuring large-scale, fine-feature printed electronics

MetHPM has delivered metrology capabilities enabling order-of-magnitude improvements, in terms of simultaneous speed and accuracy, in state-of-the-art highly-parallel manufacturing (HPM) techniques such as roll-to-roll (R2R) embossing and injection moulding. HPM methods are increasingly being exploited in the production of large-area devices such as printed electronics, flexible photovoltaics and smart packaging, which have sub-micrometre scale features and/or structured surfaces that are critical to bulk sensing, optical, mechanical and/or aesthetic function. Project results include targeted inline metrology tools for defect detection and critical dimension measurement (objective 1); metrology enabling much higher accuracy substrate tracking and lamination overlay (objective 2); good practice for efficient optimisation of manufacturing processes, including parameter-based process feedback (objective 3); and the measurement traceability infrastructure and standards (objective 4) required to underpin these metrology tools.

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Other Participants
Cranfield University (United Kingdom)
LMI Technologies (formerly Focalspec Oy) (Finland)
IBS Precision Engineering bv (Netherlands)
Loughborough University (United Kingdom)
NIL Technology ApS (Denmark)
Offcode Oy (Finland)
Oulun Yliopisto (Finland)
The University of Nottingham (United Kingdom)