Metrology for biogas

Short Name: Biogas, Project Number: ENG54
Diversifying the natural gas supply: Promoting the use of biogas

To support the use of green gas, the European Commission issued mandate M/475 to CEN, the European Organisation for Standardisation, concerning the specifications for biogas and biomethane for injection into natural gas grids and for use as transport fuel. This mandate, or authority to carry out a policy, was issued to facilitate the market penetration of biomethane through the development of a European Standard for a quality specification for biomethane, and is for the development of:

  • A CEN European Standard for a quality specification for biomethane to be used as a fuel for vehicle engines.
  • Technical Specifications or EN standards for quality specification for biomethane to be injected into natural gas pipelines transporting either High calorific-gas or Low calorific-gas. The specifications and standards shall include a method (such as gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, 14C-isotope analysis or equivalent) to determine the volume fraction of biogenic methane (or biomethane) in the pipeline.

This project developed the traceable methods and reference materials needed to ensure that measurements of the properties of biogas are robust and reliable.

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