Metrology for ammonia in ambient air

Short Name: MetNH3, Project Number: ENV55
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Ammonia in air: Developing traceable measurements of ammonia in air for environmental policy makers

Measuring ammonia in ambient air is a priority issue due to its harmful effects on human health and ecosystems. The European Directive 2016/2284/EU on the reduction of national emissions of certain atmospheric pollutants has set national reduction commitments for five pollutants, including ammonia (NH3), which are responsible for acidification, eutrophication (excess nutrients in water sources) and air pollution. However, there is a lack of guidance and regulations on measurement techniques and analysis to ensure reliable NH3 measurements. Recent intercomparisons of existing certified reference materials (CRM) for NH3 have shown significant discrepancies between the generation methods of samples. This affects not only the credibility of instrumental performance and calibration, but also the scientific value of extensive ambient air monitoring and the comparability of data collected by national networks. This project developed reference standards and measurement techniques for traceable measurements of NH3 in air. These will enable validated high quality ammonia measurement data which will help monitor and compare NH3 levels and ensure compliance with environmental protection policies and legislation.

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