Metrological support for LNG custody transfer and transport fuel applications

Short Name: LNG II, Project Number: ENG60

Fair trade and transport for Liquefied Natural Gas: Improving energy measurements of LNG and its use as a transport fuel

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel and, in the case of long distances, a more economical alternative to pipeline gas. After regasification of the liquid form, the natural gas can be used in power plants, industry and households. Recently LNG has also been used as a more environmentally friendly transport fuel.

All LNG applications require accurate measurements for the ‘custody transfer’ process i.e. when ownership of LNG is transferred from one organisation to other. However, the current levels of accuracy and uncertainty need improving as they can lead to significant financial loss and discourage LNG use. This project has strengthened the metrological framework for all stages of the LNG distribution chain, and particularly for transport applications. This was done by developing and building new LNG calibration facilities and standards for flow and composition measurements. The project also developed and validated methods to calculate LNG densities and provided a new algorithm to correlate the methane number, (MN; a measure of the fuel quality), to the composition of LNG.

Other Participants
Oil & Gas Measurement Limited (United Kingdom)
Shell Global Solutions International B.V. (Netherlands)