Memorandum of Understanding for Closer Collaboration in Baltic States

Project Description

The main purposes of the project:

  • to collaborate in promoting the co-ordination of metrological activities and services with the purpose of technical development and achieving higher efficiency in provision of services,
  • to collaborate in prioritization of high technical level metrology developments according to national needs and in sharing technical competence,

by carrying out following activities in the frame of co-operation:

  • training of specialists;
  • conducting and exchange of information about comparison measurements (measurement fields, piloting and participation);
  • exchange of experts;
  • joint application for funds in metrology development;
  • information distribution of services and developments.


Further Information

The project partnership is opened. Activities are carried out according to annual plans. Piloting of comparisons is selected from the Members, but not only.

Interdisciplinary Metrology (IM)
Coordinating Institute
Metrosert (Estonia)
Participating Partners
LATMB (Latvia)