Mechanical calibration of gauge blocks

Project Description

The participating laboratories compare their ability to do mechanical gauge block calibrations. 11 steel gauge blocks from 0,5 mm to 300 mm of length will be circulated for comparison. The laboratories are also asked to submit full uncertainty estimates for calibration results of certain blocks. The technical protocol will follow EUROMET guidelines for comparisons.

Final Report 2002-11-19

The Northern European comparison ‘Calibration of gauge blocks by mechanical comparison has been completed. Subject of the comparison was calibration of 11 steel gauge blocks from 0.5 mm to 300 mm. The participants were requested to calibrate the blocks by mechanical comparison with their laboratory’s reference gauge blocks as regulated in ISO 3650. The circulation of artefacts among the participants took approximately 5 months.
The main purpose of the comparison was to test the ability of the participating laboratories to carry out mechanical gauge block calibrations.
The comparison data were analysed by calculating the weighted mean and corresponding uncertainty for the results of each gauge block. Next the En value was used to analyse the statistical consistency of the laboratories’ results. The results of the comparison show that the laboratories agree well with theuncertainties they announce, with statistically insignificant exception.

The variation in length values fo-fu were quite consistent for most of the gauges. More detailed final report has been published as MIKES Publication J4/2002. Report is downloadable from Euromet length www-site. This comparison was carried out as a co-operational EUROMET project. The guidelines of EUROMET and MRA for comparisons were essentially followed. The results of this comparison offer additional evidence for new corresponding applicants of EUROMET.

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