Measurement tools for Smart Grid stability and quality

Short Name: SmartGrid II, Project Number: ENG52
Stabilising electricity grids: Providing measurement tools for Smart Grids

The increased use of renewable energy is vital to meet emission reduction targets and ensure security of theelectrical supply in Europe. However renewable energy tends to be small scale, distributed and intermittent,which means that the energy flow in the network is in two directions (i.e. both into and from the network), bothof which need to be measured and controlled so there is no degradation to power quality (PQ), potentiallyleading to wide-spread blackouts. In addition, renewable electricity is direct current, and converting it toalternating current (AC) so that it can feed into the network grid, can be inexact or introduce harmonics whichcan affect the PQ.

A ‘smart grid’ is an electrical grid which includes smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy resourcesand energy efficient resources, and allows two way flow of power. It therefore enables renewable energy to beused in the national electricity grid. In such a complex system the stability of the smart grid becomes delicateand the PQ can decrease due to voltage distortions. This project developed the technology and standards formonitoring stability and quality of supply, with the overarching aim to support the effective development ofsmart grids.

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