Matrix reference materials for environmental analysis

Short Name: ENVCRM, Project Number: 14RPT03
Scientist analyzes the water of a river

Improving pollution monitoring with new reference materials

This project aimed to develop capacity to produce certified reference materials (CRMs) for environmentalanalysis by transferring know-how between the partners and combining their skills to focus on environmentalCRM production. The production process included good manufacturing practices for processing materials,method development, the validation and application of homogeneity, stability and characterisation tests, thecalculation of individual uncertainties (between-unit inhomogeneity, long term stability, characterisation) andcombination of uncertainties to determine overall uncertainty of the matrix reference materials. Aninterlaboratory comparison registered as a EURAMET project was set as the ultimate project outcome,confirming the partners’ capabilities in applying newly acquired skills. As a result of the project, new CRMs areavailable and the partners have developed strategies for long term research capabilities for environmentalCRMs.

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Other Participants
National Technical University of Athens - NTUA (Greece)
Uniwersytet Warszawski (Poland)